Natural Tooth Whitening Alternatives, Plus Remineralization!

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I think it is fascinating that we spend some much time caring for our teeth. Think about it, Americans love having beautiful, white teeth! I can't think of another culture where teeth are so well cared for, can you?

I care for my teeth too, although I am more about function and health than looks and presentation.  I have never worn braces to fix the gap in my upper front teeth, and probably never will.  I love coffee so I don't worry about keeping them gleaming white either. 

And to be honest, most of today's commercial tooth whitening products contain many ingredients that actually cause your teeth and gums to deteriorate quicker, not to mention are a literal pain in the mouth.

The number one ingredient in tooth whitening gels is carbamide peroxide (which is what most people use to remove ear wax also) - a chemical which almost always causes severe allergic reactions in it's users. Check out this article at Prevention. 

I know that people say they want beauty at any cost, but when you have to experience physical pain and get hives from ONE product, I think it might be time to change your approach. I have been working on tweaking my remineralizing toothpaste recipe. First off, I decided I would try making a tooth powder that would do two things - remineralize and whiten teeth. So far, I am happy with the results, and my testers are too! It's all natural, of course, and I have added Organic Sage leaf powder to help promote teeth whitening.

There are other natural herbs and fruits that can whiten teeth - strawberries!

Turmeric is also another herb that can help get your pearly whites nice and bright.  I've also heard of guava leaf, lemon juice and olive oil can also get the job done, naturally and with far less to no side affects. 

Mo'Teeth Remineralizing and Whitening Tooth Powder
available at

My tooth powder is available for you to try if you are interested in both whitening  and remineralizing your teeth. 

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