Studying Stinging Nettles

Posted by Monica Peralta on

My plant ally for the next three months is Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica).  I decided that I would try to discover and learn as much as I could about this herb, since I use it all the time.  Currently, I make my daily nourishing infusion with Nettles mostly.  Nettles are medicinally coveted for their vitamins, iron, and chlorophyll.  They are natural blood purifiers and supports the liver and kidneys.

Many people drink nettles tea, or eat them plain, some even steam them and use them in place of spinach.
Some individuals dealing with arthritis, even will use the stingers on the plant as part of their treatment.
Personally, I love the taste of drinking nettles tea and infusions.  One thing I have experienced is that it is a great diuretic and depurative, totally cleanses the system. I think in the future, I may add some marsh mallow to the infusions, to balance the drying effect of nettles.
I'll be posting more about Nettles in the coming weeks, as I learn more about this wondrous herb!


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