The Empath and Intuitive’s guide to Scorpio Season

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This is the time of year when most people who don’t follow the guidance of the stars look up and say “what just happened!?!?” Our energetic shift from the balanced sign of Libra to the “anything goes” feel of the past couple of days would leave anyone wondering what’s next? Let alone an empathic person who is feeling the same impending chaos also x10, or x100. Because as an empath, you’re feeling the energy of the cosmos- definitely- but your also feeling how everyone else is processing the turbulence as we move into Scorpio.

From Oct. 23 to Nov. 22, the sun will be traveling through the sign of Scorpio, which rules, sex, death, rebirth, and all types of transformation. Not only will Scorpio be under its annual solar spotlight for the coming weeks, Scorpio territory will be having a lot of planetary movement, as well — both Venus and Mercury will be in Scorpio through the end of October, and Jupiter will be there through Nov. 8, making this a very busy Scorpio season!

You may be asking How does this effect me? One of the things to remember about Scorpio is that it is a water sign - Scorpio's intensity is rooted in deep, dark, watery pools of emotion and feeling. Getting through the next few weeks will take more than going with the flow- you’ll have to surrender to each ripple and wave. This is a great time to do shadow work and examine the areas of desire, power, fear, and sex in your life. Be prepared to do the work! Scorpios like to get down and dirty to find the truth at all costs. Scorpio Season is a time of change, and a good time to focus on new ideas as well as shedding the past.

This intense period of time is all about deep emotions, making meaningful connections with others, spending time with your thoughts, and focusing on transformation. That might mean shining a light on your shadows and secrets and cutting through the BS to uncover the truth. This means to let go of the things that are no longer bringing you joy and make room for what you really want and need. Getting to that point might mean you spend a lot of time on your own, deep in your own thoughts and emotions. When you do head out to be around others, you'll want to surround yourself only with those who really mean something to you. Be you, be genuine. Also take advantage of this bold and unapologetic Scorpio energy!

Speaking of energy, fiercely protect yours - Scorpio season is also a time for casting off the old self, old habits, old emotions, old energy and there will be plenty of that happening all around and Empaths can often get caught in the muck and mire of it all. How do you protect yourself? There are many things you can do - one of the most effective I have found is daily smudging. Try different smudge methods - yes sage, palo santo, but also try rattling, music, Reiki, water, wind, & crystals can also do the trick, and sometimes even better. You can also use fire to transmute the dense energy you may be carrying with / on you. Since Scorpio is a water sign, try taking a relaxing cleansing bath using herbs and salts specific to energy clearing. You can also wear or carry amethyst or black tourmaline stones. Their unique ability to clear unwanted energy is remarkable and necessary right now.

Take advantage of this season of duality, dive into the projects you’ve been putting on hold, have those difficult conversations, try something new, clean out your closets (both literal and figurative), and make room for something wonderful!

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