Why I Broke Up with Burt's Bees

Posted by Monica Peralta on

Burt's Bees is a company with an inspiring start-up story behind it, and I was one of the people who splurged on the $3-4 lip balms and savored the sensation. Then, of course, I was introduced to even simpler, cleaner formulas being mixed and poured in my own kitchen and work room. There was a lurking sense of guilt, too, whenever I stood in line at Sprouts and surveyed (or didn't make eye contact with) all of Burt's cool stuff.

One day, I did happen to pick up another tube to look at the ingredients. I was thinking that, because the label looks so innocent and cute, there would only be 4-5 ingredients, and they could all be found in a field or forest. I was mostly right, up until the lanolin, canola, and soybean oils.

Nothing terribly wrong there, but after an ingredient list of:

* Beeswax
* Shea or cocoa butter
* Essential oils
* Sweet almond oil

...it's just not the same...

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