Heart Chakra Oil | Anahata, Fourth Chakra Aromatherapy Oil Blend | Crystal-infused Chakra oil | Heart Chakra Compassion oil blend

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Chakra Oil

Heart Chakra essential oil blend for Compassion

Where is the Heart Chakra / 4th Chakra / Anahata?
Located in the center of chest just above heart.

Symptoms of Chakra Imbalance / block:

- Fear of commitment
- Feel the need to please others to be loved
- Heartbreak
- Guarded from possible connection to others
- Trouble giving and receiving love
- Find it hard to be compassionate
- Easily hold grudges
- Needy and distrustful n relationships
- Anger
- Heart disease, asthma, & allergies

Our handmade compassion essential oil blend is made with Lavender, Lemon, Geranium, Sandalwood, and Orange infused with Rose Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz crystals. This combination helps encourage healthy relationships and honesty.
When your Heart Chakra is balanced, you can create healthy boundaries, have a greater appreciation for life, you cultivate thriving relationships, you can see / feel beneath all of the pain of past hurts within yourself. Anger and heartache can be released and you will feel compassion and give and receive love freely.

How can I use this oil?
- before / during / after Yoga
- during meditation
- massage
- reflexology
- during Reiki healing
- try an aromatherapy approach by using a diffuser
- applied topically by rubbing on your feet or corresponding chakra area
- when you are experiencing any of the symptoms of chakra imbalance

This beautiful, fragrant oil comes in a frosted glass rollerball applicator and a brocade pouch.

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