Palo Santo Protection Balm | Release negative energies, protect your home, family, positive energy vibration, sacred wood smudge, good mojo

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Between work and everyday life, who has time to whip out the Palo Santo when we want to dust off any bad vibes we may have picked up at work, on the train, from family during the holidays!?!
- or when we just want to catch our breath and clear our minds?

That's one reason I decided to make a Palo Santo protection and meditation balm.

Palo Santo has been used for centuries for physical and spiritual purification. This sacred wood is used in aromatherapy, alternative medicine and in every day life, inside normal homes, achieving multiple benefits.
Traditionally a Shaman will burn the palo santo stick like an incense, mainly using it for spiritual cleansing and to drive off negative energy from a person, a home or space.

You can use this balm much the same way - you can use it to anoint yourself, your family, home, or business. Visualizing the palo santo driving out any negativity surrounding those you love, and the spaces you frequent.

Palo santo’s fragrance is like wood resin and citrus. On a spiritual level it can stimulate the person using it to be in touch with their inner self, generating special states of concentration, balance, calm and peace.
This balm can be used to enhance your meditation practice as well.


Coconut oil
Bees wax
Palo Santo Resin Oil

This balm may help release all of the negative energies that others have been sending your way. It will also help raise up your vibration and block future psychic attacks.

Use this oil for anointing candles, applying to your pulse points, and temples. You can anoint your doorways, windows, your car, business, home, children.

You can also use it as a personal scent (cologne or perfume).

Sizes: 1 and 2 oz


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