Smudge Oil - Raise your vibration - shake off negative, low energy - sacred smudge - energy protection - shield - smokeless smudge - sage

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The ultimate Mind, Body, & Spirit Cleansing Oil!

Displacing low-vibration, negative energy and inviting clear, positive, and high-vibration energy is what this oil is all about.

By combining essential oils of Sage, Palo Santo, Lavender, & Amber to clear and transform your environment.

Protecting & Transforming
This oil is infused with botanicals, crystals, and herbs to reinforce and strengthen the oil blend - enhancing it's properties over time. This means that this formulation of oils will strengthen over time - not weaken.
This custom blend is designed to support you throughout the day, use it liberally to clear your mind, raise your energy vibration and cleanse your surroundings.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

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Here is an example of how I recently used it:

I was having trouble at my (day) job and needed and was feeling low-energy, sometimes there can be some bad juju lurking around. I rolled this on my third eye, temples, wrists, shoes, knees and fingertips and I touched the doorway as I walked into work. I also anointed by desk - I had a great day at work! I felt lighter, protected, and imagined myself in a bubble of light and happiness.

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About the Shield - Empath Energy Protection Oil:

An aromatic oil made with an essential oil blend specifically for Smokeless / sacred smudge usage.
Some of the oils I have used are: Sage, Lavender, Palo Santo, Amber, and Coconut.
It also contains Lavender buds, Roses, Sage, Cypress, & Rosemary.
All of this goodness is infused with crystals in each bottle.

Size: 10 ml / .34 oz / 2.7 dram
Clear glass rollerball bottle

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