Third Eye Chakra Oil | Ajna, Fourth Chakra Aromatherapy Oil Blend | Crystal-infused Chakra oil | Third Eye Chakra Intuition oil blend

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Chakra Oil

Third Eye Chakra essential oil blend for Intuition

Where is the Third Eye Chakra / 6th Chakra / Ajna?
At the forehead and in between the eyes is the gateway to our intuition.

Symptoms of Chakra Imbalance / block:

- Struggle with finding meaning in life
- Disconnected from your intuition
- Feeling lost when it comes to your spiritual purpose and life purpose
- Trouble making decisions
- Often ask “Why am I here?”
- Tension headaches, migraines
- Disconnection from surroundings
- Lack of foresight

Our handmade intuition essential oil blend is made with Patchouli, Juniper, and Rosemary infused with Amethyst and Angel Aura Quartz crystals. This combination helps cultivate your connection to your intuition.
The Ajna connects our minds and bodies to our deeper self through intuition. When your 3rd Eye is balanced and unblocked you can have a better connection to your senses, have improved mental clarity, and boosted imagination.

How can I use this oil?
- before / during / after Yoga
- during meditation
- massage
- reflexology
- during Reiki healing
- try an aromatherapy approach by using a diffuser
- applied topically by rubbing on your feet or corresponding chakra area
- when you are experiencing any of the symptoms of chakra imbalance

This beautiful, fragrant oil comes in a frosted glass rollerball applicator and a brocade pouch.

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