Green Goddess Herbal Healing Balm for cuts, bites, burns, Gardener's Hands, Skin repair, Lavender Frankincense, All purpose, natural herbal

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Green Goddess is perfect for use after a hard day of work or play as an intensive hand salve, foot cream, first aid ointment on scrapes, scars, bites, mild burns, sunburns, and chapped lips.

Keep a tin nearby and you will discover that it truly is all-purpose.

Green Goddess Herbal Healing Salve should have a place in every family's medicine cabinet or first aid kit. The potent healing balm repairs skin, soothes cuts and burns, moisturizes dry, chapped skin, and is safe for the whole family, even pets!

Use as you would Neosporin - as an antiseptic, local pain reliever, and as a germ-killer. This herbal formulation has natural antibacterial agents, which help heal infections.

Green Goddess is great for use as an intensive moisturizer, first aid ointment on scrapes, scars, bites, mild burns, cracked heels and tattoos.

We also use it as a lotion on cuticles, cracked feet, dry legs and arms, as an after exfoliating treatment, as a wrinkle cream, and as a no nonsense hand treatment - even as a lip balm!

Because our base oil is slow infused in healing herbs, this salve works exceptionally well to help dry, irritated, and inflamed tissue. We have even used it on our pets. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for its healing, soothing, and protective qualities.
We love it and we hope you will too.

Herbal-infused organic meadow foam seed oil, organic coconut oil and organic EV olive oil with plantain, comfrey, roses, chickweed, blue vervain, calendula, local beeswax, and essential oils of Frankincense & Lavender.

Sizes: 2 oz, 1 oz, & a .15 oz tube

NOTE: Salves will soften during shipping in warm / hot weather. The quality of the product is not affected. Upon receiving a product that has been affected by the heat, simply place it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

***For external use only.***
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