Raise your Vibe | Sacred Space Aromatherapy Spray Mist | Yoga, Meditation, Grounding, Centering, Balancing | Smokeless Smudge

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Raise the vibration of your surroundings, refresh and revive with our Sacred Space Spray Mist.

Each bottle contains an essential oil blend to help cleanse dense energy and and clear away distracting odors from your sacred space. You can also use this as smokeless smudge before ceremonies, rituals, or other group gatherings.

Each blend offers something special. Each contains twin angel aura quartz crystals helping raise the vibration of the bottle's contents even higher!

- Lavender & Cedarwood -
The warm, woody scent of Cedarwood offers emotional strength and stability, while Lavender reduces anxiety and emotional stress.

- Rosemary & Lavender-
Rosemary raises your energy, helps with self-assertion and clears the mind for decision-making. Rosemary also helps in developing personal boundaries and assist us in breaking attachments from relationships or habits that are no longer serving us providing the space to enter new opportunities.

Lavender is one of the safest and most commonly enjoyed essential oils. It works to reduce stress, alleviate tension, and promotes relaxation. Lavender Oil helps with depression by improving mood and outlook. Lavender essential oil’s calming scent eases the nerves and feelings of anxiety.

- Patchouli & Orange -
Patchouli oil is commonly used in aromatherapy because of its antidepressant properties. Because of the impact that inhaling patchouli oil has on our hormones, it encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine; these hormones ease feelings of anger, anxiety and anxiousness.

Orange - The smell of orange helps provide emotional balance and brings on a positive outlook to all things.

- Palo Santo -
Like frankincense, palo santo is known as a spiritual oil and is called holy wood. Used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies. The essential oil is distilled from the wood of the Palo Santo tree.

All Sacred Space Sprays are infused (inside the bottle) with a quartz, an amethyst, a rose quartz or other combination of crystals to help further raise the energy vibration of the oil blend.

These Sacred Space blends are available in 4 or 2 oz blue apothecary bottles.

Please contact me if you have any questions.