Shamanic Spirit Water | Rose, Lavender, Mugwort | Aura Cleanse, Energy Purification | Raise vibration | Crystal Infused Floral Water

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Spirit Water is widely used by shaman all over South America for purification, cleansing, and healing.

Each bottle contains a blend of rose, mugwort, and lavender flower essence (hydrosol) to help cleanse dense energy and raise the vibration of your sacred space. You can also use this as smokeless smudge before ceremonies, rituals, or other group gatherings.

Each bottle contains twin angel aura quartz crystals helping raise the vibration of the bottle's contents even higher!

☾☽ Shamanic uses include:

☾ Offered as a gift to call the spirits, for cleansing of negative or malevolent influences in people or spaces.

☾ Applied during healing rituals and is part of a recipe for healing baths.

☾ The fragrance of the water is inhaled deeply to induce grounding, connection and healing.

☾ It is often used for ritual offering and purification.

☾ It is used in spells to remove unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations and to calm places where an excess of energy is present.

☾ Many use it like holy water for purification, good luck and protection.

☾ Spirit Water is a staple for many of the religious ceremonies throughout the world.

All Spirit Water Sprays are infused (inside the bottle) with an quartz, or other combination of crystals to help further raise the energy vibration of the oil blend.

These Sacred Space blends are available in 4 or 2 oz blue apothecary bottles.

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