Empowering Women Everywhere, One Goddess at a Time.

Our Vision

Empowerment, connection, & healing for Women.


Was created as a space for empowerment and connection for all Women. To celebrate Women of Color and  focus on how we all can improve in areas like personal growth, communication, mental health, and our relationships.

We want to plant strong seeds of thought that every woman deserves to be heard, respected, and valued in society.

In 2019, women still do not make as much as their male counterparts for the same job. 

Girls all over the world still do not have access to quality (or sometimes any) education.

Women are criminalized for seeking family planning assistance and care.

One in three Women of Color are victims of intimate partner violence and one in five women are victims of sexual assault.

Women are natural creators.

Women are the nurturers in our world.

Women are the reason we are alive.

We need change the way women are treated NOW.

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