Abundance Oil | good luck, more money, more business | Attract abundance to your life. | Aceite Dinero | Money Oil | Prosperity Oil | 10 ml

  • $14.85

Money oil can be used when you are in financial need.
Rub a drop of this magnetic-money oil into your wallet or purse to call good fortune to you!

Rub a few drops into your cash register, your office door, your place of work, or any place you feel that it would be of benefit.

Based on an old Romany abundance recipe, this oil brings can bring a wealth of possibilities to you!

You can also use this oil to dress a green money candle during meditation and visualization.

Essential oil charged with citrine crystals and herbs in a green glass roller ball bottle for easy application.

This money-drawing oil comes with a quartz crystal stone which can be used for increased focus and help with meditation. Both are securely wrapped inside of a silk brocade drawstring pouch as shown.

Size: 10 ml / .34 oz / 2.7 dram