Attitude Adjustment Aromatherapy Spray | Stress Relief Mist with Orange, Patchouli, Lavender | Aromatherapy Spray for Anxiety, Stress Relief

  • $7.95

I use only the finest essential oil and botanical ingredients to create these lovingly handcrafted healing blends.

Attitude Adjustment is an all natural misting spray that may help how you respond to everyday stress and anxiety. This works great when you are feeling over-worked, over-whelmed or when you are feeling blue.

Lovely Citrus base aroma, notes of Patchouli and Lavender - this mixture will melt your worries, stress, and anxiety away!

These are wonderful as a therapeutic spray, general deodorizer, room spray, linen spray, or as a refreshing body mist, feel free to spritz liberally. Safe to use around children and pets.

Blue 4 oz glass apothecary bottle filled to the brim with essential oils, distilled water and witch hazel. Also available in 2 oz and roll-on.