Black Cherry, Sweet Patchouli, Yuzu, Vanilla Bean | Black Cat Essential Oil Perfume Roll On | 10 ml | INTOXICATING, Deep, Mysterious

  • $9.99

Intoxicatingly decadent, Black Cat Essential Oil Perfume boasts a jewel-like intensity with a wealth of rare fruit set aglow by the warmth of Vanilla Bean and sultry, exotic florals.

Zesty and fruity notes of wild black cherry and Japanese Yuzu are mixed with the spicy aromas of Sweet Patchouli. A floral bouquet of Neroli, Benzion, and Honeysuckle is illuminated by a citrus note of Tangerine and laid on the warm base of Vanilla Bean.

Made with the highest quality essential oils, this combination of exotic Yuzu, deep black cherry and warm vanilla bean is addictive to your senses.

Approx. 10 ml

All Natural Essential Oil Perfume made with Coconut Oil, black cherry, Yuzu, Neroli, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Patchouli, Benzoin, Tangerine, and Honeysuckle.
Cobalt Blue glass bottle with roller-ball applicator.

Paraben Free, Phylate Free, Synthetic Fragrance and Dye Free, Cruelty Free
Made with organic ingredients and pure essential oils.
Wearable Aromatherapy Scent