Crystal Infused Sprays in Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz | Room Spray, Yoga Mat Spray, Meditation Spray | Smudge Crystal

  • $12.00

Raise the vibration of your surroundings, refresh and revive with our Crystal Sprays!

Each bottle contains either Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, or Clear Quartz plus an essential oil blend to help cleanse dense energy and and clear away distracting odors from your sacred space. You can also use this as smokeless smudge before ceremonies, rituals, or other group gatherings.

Each blend offers something special. Each bottle has been infused with full-moon energy, and the crystals have been charged and programed for healing, prosperity, and love. These crystal sprays can help raise the vibration of your surroundings higher and can help "clear the air".

What's in each bottle?

- Amethyst -
Enlighten with cedar wood, vetiver, & lavender.

- Citrine -
Passion with patchouli, orange, and ylang ylang.

- Clear Quartz -
Power with cedar wood, cypress, cinnamon, & lemongrass.

- Rose Quartz -
Compassion with sandalwood, orange, geranium, lavender, & lemon.

These unique blends are available in 4 or 2 oz clear apothecary bottles.

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