Empath Oil, Shield Protect Your Energy, Amplify Your Aura, Rid Negativity, Empathic, Sensitive, Emotional Healing, Blocking, Psychic Defense

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Shield - Empath Energy Protection Oil

If you are an Empath, Healer, Light-worker, Intuitive, or a Highly Sensitive Person, you need this oil for our trying times. Be ready for this busy holiday season!

Empaths / Light workers / Healers / Intuitives are prone to an energy drain very easily, they give, and give, and give until there is not enough energy left for themselves. There are many ways to stop the energy drain, or to block energy vampires from sucking the life force from you - meditation, aura cleansing, cord cutting, etc.

This empath oil can help when you don't have time to perform a meditation or aura cleansing. When life gets hectic, just grab your oil and roll - roll on your temples, palms, wrists, third eye, throat, chest, or anywhere.

What I like to do, is to listen to what my body is telling me and they I concentrate on spreading some oil there. I inhale the scent, letting it fill my lungs, and I ask that the negative energy be removed or I ask for my energy to be restored.

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Here is an example of how I recently used it:

I was shopping at the grocery store, and it was just before Sunday football games, and I was right in the middle of people all charged up for the big game, grabbing their snacks, drinks and it was all too much for me to feel. I pulled my shopping cart over, whipped out my bottle, rolled some on my third eye, by hands, wrists, and just inhaled the uplifting scent. I imagined an iron shield around me while I did this and continued with my shopping. I was able to check out and leave the store without feeling drained, and I still had my energy and a clear head.

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About the Shield - Empath Energy Protection Oil:

An aromatic oil made with an essential oil blend specifically for psychic and aura energy shielding.
Some of the oils I have used are: Myrrh, Lavender, Cedar wood, Rosemary, Sage, and Coconut.
It also contains Lavender buds, mallow petals, Holy Basil, and Rose petals.
All of this goodness is infused with a Quartz, Amethyst, and Obsidian Crystal in the bottle.

Size: 10 ml / .34 oz / 2.7 dram
Clear glass rollerball bottle

************Maybe you are asking the question - "Am I an Empath?"

If you...
- Feel overwhelmed in public places (concerts, malls, big-box stores)
- Feel an energy drain after talking to someone, but they feel more energized and "so much better" after speaking to you
- Are drawn to helping others at the sake of your own wellbeing
- Take on other people's emotions and can't differentiate them from your own emotions
- Develop the ailments of another (colds, eye infections, body aches and pains), especially those who they’re closest to - your spouse, children, friends, parents, etc.

If more than one of the above characteristic resonates with you, congratulations, you are an empath!