Empath Tune-Up | Remote Distance Healing for Empaths | Distance Energy Healing | Shamanic Healing

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Calling all Empaths!

In this healing, I take a spiritual journey / trance meditation on your behalf, and with the help of my spirit guides - as well as your spirit guides, we clear any dense energy out of your aura field and physical body. We also rebalance chakras, cut etheric cords that maybe draining your energy, and I will realign any blocked energy pathways so that your luminous auric field is healthy and strong!

This is specifically for individuals who are empathic, I focus on strengthening the areas that normally are susceptible to attack and weakness. This is great for empaths who regularly work with the general public (nurses, healthcare workers, teachers), who are surrounded by people on a regular basis (retail, students, living in a big city), and can't seem to maintain energy balance or have trouble shielding themselves.

If you have a certain area of your physical body or area of your life you would like me to focus on, please let me know.

You can retrieve this healing at anytime, from any place.

::: thank you for your interest & your curiosity :::
Please feel free to contact me with your questions!