Green Tara Oil for self-love, compassion, overcome tough situations, meditation, protection, 10 ml, quartz crystal point, meditation kit

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Green Tara Oil is a methodically prepared with pure essential oils blended with organic fractionated coconut oil. This oil is charged with crystal stone energy in a unique blend of sacred herbs...

Nah Champa
Green Tea
Crystal Stones - Quartz & Aventurine
Jasmine buds

The goddess of universal compassion, Tara represents virtuous and enlightened action. It is said that her compassion for living beings is stronger than a mother's love for her children. She also brings about longevity, protects earthly travel, and guards her followers on their spiritual journey to enlightenment.
Green Tara embodies virtuous activity and symbolize the unending compassion of the goddess who labors day and night to relieve suffering.

Green Tara's primary role is that of a savior. She is believed to help her followers overcome dangers, fears and anxieties, and she is especially worshipped for her ability to overcome the most difficult of situations. Green Tara is intensely compassionate and acts quickly to help those who call upon her.

In Buddhism, Tara (Sanskrit, "star") is a Buddhist savior-goddess especially popular in Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia. In Tibet, where Tara is the most important deity, her name means "she who saves." The mantra of Tara (om tare tuttare ture svaha) is the second most common mantra heard in Tibet, after the mantra of Chenrezi (om mani padme hum).

Bring your petitions to her, meditate on her image, holding a quartz stone.

This sacred oil (can also be used as a perfume) comes with a quartz crystal stone which can be used for increased focus and help with meditation. Both are securely wrapped inside of a silk brocade drawstring pouch as shown.

Size: 10 ml / .34 oz / 2.7 dram