Herbal Tea - Black Tea - Artisan Tea Blends - Moringa Tea- Flavorful and Delicious - Glass apothecary jar - Jar of Tea - Tea Tin - 3 cups

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What else do you really need? Maybe a super-cute apothecary jar for your tea!
(Glass jar with a pressure seal holds 3 heaping cups of herbs, tea, and leaves / 24 ounces)

We have quite the selection of fine teas - all hand-blended in house by yours truly.

Here is a quick description of our most popular blends:

Moringa Tea - Packed with Antioxidant goodness! Organic Moringa blended with organic green tea, rosemary, wildcrafted sage, and fragrant rose petals.

Black Currant & Rose - black currants, red roses, and black currant leaves. A very handsome dark golden cup color, this infusion is rich in iron and potassium. With mild fruity notes, the natural sweetness of the currants add a delightful taste.

Wild Woman - flowers, fruits, and leaves come together to achieve a balanced tonic for health and happiness! Rich in iron, this profusion of ingredients includes raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower, and cinnamon. With fruity and floral notes of Meyer lemon and rose.

Paris 1928 - it reminds me of a tea shop on the Rue di Rivoli - classy, aromatic, floral. A beautiful cacophony of Jasmine, Rose petals, Lavender Buds, and Black Tea.

Secret of the Immortals - a powerful blend of herbs and tea to give you you many health benefits! Green tea, rosemary- renowned for their anti-aging properties; sage - a wonderful healer. Lovely lemon notes!

Chocolate Chai
- Decaf chai Rooibos with cocoa nibs - so delicious!

Double Jasmine
Jasmine flowers and deliciously perfumed jasmine tea (green)

Earl Gray
Bergamot perfumed black tea blended with blue cornflowers.

Chamomile, Lavender, & Rose - This is an herbal blend for soothing the nerves and senses. Made with Lemon balm, the lavender, rose, and chamomile work nicely together to create a bouquet of calm.