Patchouli and Spice Essential Oil Perfume | Exotic, Sexy, Unforgettable | Roll On Perfume 10 ml | Patchouli and Spice Perfume Cologne

  • $9.99

This warm, spicy essential oil perfume is exotic and unforgettable.
We have found that the finest aged patchouli blends beautifully with the mix of imported spices - nutmeg, cinnamon cassia, anise, and pepper.

This lovely mixture comes alive as it mixes with your own body chemistry, creating a perfect scent which is uniquely you.

Approx. 10 ml

**WARNING: Might spice things up!

All Natural Essential Oil Perfume made with fractionated coconut oil, Aged Patchouli and Spice Essential Oil blend.
Brown apothecary glass bottle with roller-ball applicator.

Paraben Free, Phylate Free, Synthetic Fragrance and Dye Free, Cruelty Free
Made with organic ingredients and pure essential oils.
Wearable Aromatherapy Scent
All Natural perfume, made with essential oils.