Reconnect with Your Power Animal - Shamanic Services - Power Animal Retrieval

Reconnect with Your Power Animal - Shamanic Services - Power Animal Retrieval

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A spirit animal / Animal Totem is more than just an animal that we admire. These special animals carry meaningful messages for those willing to listen. Your spirit animal is meant to serve as a guide and bring attention to the parts of your life that need to be acknowledged and explored.

Your spirit animal can help in many ways...

☽ Identify aspects of yourself that need to be developed.
☾ Navigate parts of your everyday life that have a strong emotional impact.
☽ Loosen your personality and open you to the notion of transformation.
☾ Discover possible life directions for reflection.
☽ Create new perspectives on your current relationships, especially your relationship with nature and instinct.
☾ Feel inspired by its natural qualities and power.
☽ Feel comforted through support and guidance.
☾ Cultivating your connection with your spirit animal will allow you to form a powerful ally within yourself and feel a restored energy for engaging in life and facing challenges.

In this service, I take a journey on your behalf to non-ordinary reality (during a trance) to seek out your power animal guide. In past sessions, I have usually be able to retrieve 2-3 animals for a client.

Once I have competed the session, I write up what I encountered, and what they may symbolize for you in your life. I also include any messages they may have for you. This report is emailed to you in pdf format. I have included a picture of an example of a recent one I completed.

☾☽ Thank you for your interest & your curiosity ☾☽