Road Opener Oil Citrine, Quartz, Carnelian Infused Gemstone Oil for manifesting your desires and protection. Remove obstacles and blocks

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Road Opener Oil can be of help to anyone who:

- wants to open communication with the higher self
- wants to remove obstacles and blocks from their path
- wants to attract more luck and miracles in their life
- wants safe travel or protection while on the road
- wants to make something happen

There are many ways that the Road Opener Oil may help.

Here's one way to remove obstacles and open your roads to opportunity.
Depending on your situation, say the phrases below as you are anointing yourself, candles, doorways, paths, your car, letters, etc...

- "Open the way to prosperity and success"
- "Open the road to LOVE and passion in my life"
- "Open the way to the best health for me and my family"
- "Open the road to a better job or career"

You can literally name any desire you would like, as long as you visualize a road opening up as you say your phrase and set your intention. Then picture all of the goals you would like to accomplish as if you already have them.

"Road Opener" Gemstone Infused Oil contains:

Citrine - draws success and prosperity
Carnelian- increases creativity and attracts positive events 6
Clear Quartz - dispels blockages, and clears the way. Amplifies energy of the other stones, and opens your doorway to success!

& blended therapeutic essential oils.

Blessed Be

Roll on .35 oz blue glass apothecary bottle.

This item is sold as a curio only.