Secret of the Immortals - Gun Powder Green Tea - Rosemary, Sage, Roses, Safflower, Lemon - Wellness Anti- Aging Hand Blended Tea - 2 oz

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Though no one can live forever, our Secret of the Immortals tea presents a powerhouse of herbs to give you your best shot! While the health benefits of green tea are well known, rosemary is also renowned for its anti-aging properties; sage, a sister to rosemary, is a similarly famous wellness panacea. This is a great tea for cold and flu season, as well as an after-meal cleansing.

Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea, rosemary, sage, safflower, rose petals, with lemon and rose flavor.

The Chinese gunpowder green tea which forms the base of this tea blend is comprised of rolled leaves that will take a little longer to steep.

.:How to Steep:.

Water temp: 180°F
time: 2 minutes
amount: 2 grams tea per 8 ounces water

2 oz size in a kraft bag

Our infused honey makes an excellent pair with this tea blend!

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