Self Love Oil - Crystal infused, herb infused flower infused oil growing love of self Love Yourself Confidence, self-love, positive image

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Everyone needs to love themselves first.
Sometimes self-love is easier said than done. :(

This oil is formulated to help bring your mind in right-alignment with your heart - Your heart loves you. It's your mind that gets in the way.

Use this oil liberally - before bed, when waking up, after a shower, when you are feeling sad or lonely. Let the beautiful fragrance connect your heart with your mind - let a wave of love wash over you - for you are the embodiment of LOVE.

Here are some simple affirmations for Self-Love. Feel free to use these as you apply this oil to your wrists, temples, scalp, feet, etc...

- It is safe for me to say “yes” to my needs.
- I choose to deeply and completely love, honor, and respect myself.
- I lovingly release the past and all that does not serve me.
- I release all limiting beliefs of Who I Am.
- I am worthy and deserving of love and respect.
- I release others from the need to care for me.
- I meet my own needs with love.
- I teach others how to love me by how well I love myself.
- I am whole and complete and more than enough.
- I easily show up and speak up for myself.
- All is right in my world.

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Every Magick oil is made to order just for you.

This is a proprietary formula that is created with many elements that may vary from oil to oil. Some of the ingredients I may use are: crystals, botanicals, herbs, flowers, essential oils, resins, salts, spices, rocks, minerals, shells, hair, dirt, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, wax, water, vinegar, and many other possible ingredients!

Depending on the oil formulation ordered, these may also be charged with sun or moon light.

Size: 10 ml / .34 oz / 2.7 dram
Clear glass rollerball bottle

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