Shamanic Healing Remote, Long-Distance Energy Healing and Journey Work

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Remote healing is also known as absent / distant healing. Much of a standard Shamanic Healing session can also be done remotely via a photo or image. This is ideal if it is not practical for you to visit me for a session – for instance due to geographical location or you are too unwell to travel. Since spiritual powers operate beyond time and space, healing can be done at a distance as effectively as in person.

In this healing, I take a spiritual journey / trance meditation on your behalf, and with the help of my sprit guides - as well as your spirit guides, we clear any dense energy out of your chakras, and realign any blocked energy pathways so that your luminous auric field is healthy and strong!

If you have a certain area of your physical body or area of your life you would like me to focus on, please let me know.

You can retrieve this healing at anytime, from any place.

☾☽ Thank you for your interest & your curiosity ☾☽


"This was an incredible experience. I had this terrible back pain that is generally low level chronic, but had spiked unexpectedly. It made everything much more difficult. After Monica’s healing I felt the muscles relaxing for the first time in a week - it was like they had forgotten how. I’m really impressed." - MK Highrock, California