Shampoo Soap Massage Bar | Shampoo for All Hair Types | Handmade Shampoo Soap Bar | Vegan, Essential Oils, Cruelty Free, Naturally Clean

  • $8.99

I want to limit the amount of shampoo and other types of plastic bottles I buy and end up recycling. Here was one way that I can personally eliminate 1 plastic bottle from my life - and yours. :)

These scalp-massage bars are jammed-pack with shampoo and can outlast a few bottles of the liquid stuff: one bar will last up to 50 washes! They’re also packed full of essential oils and fresh ingredients so you'll have gorgeously clean hair every time!

✿ What's in it?
Our shampoo base contains: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Castile Soap, & Essential Oils.

✿ Why this weird shape?
This is the perfect size and shape to massage your scalp - and body!
When you massage your scalp as you shampoo, you are increasing blood circulation. **Increasing blood flow to your scalp is one of the best ways to promote hair and scalp health. An increase in blood flow means that your hair is getting the nutrients it needs, but it also prevents dandruff, psoriasis, and other scalp problems.

**All shampoo bars are white to off-white - the green bar shown in the photo is to show more clearly the massage bar details.**

✿ Who can use this?
Anyone can use this - the regular shampoo bar is formulated for normal to oily hair.

✿ What does it smell like?
You can pick any scent from our list of amazing essential oils - each offering it's own healing and aromatherapy properties.

✿ How big is it?
Each bar weights between 4.5 - 5.25 oz and is about 3 inches long.

✿✿✿ Why else should I buy this?
We never test on animals, this shampoo is 100% Vegetarian, buying this will eliminate one shampoo bottle (or more) from your carbon footprint, we at The Balm Lady make everything in house, in small batches, by these hands....

We can also customize your massage bar soap, just let us know your ideas and we can work with you to create something you will love!