Smokeless Smudge Spray - Raise your vibration - Palo Santo, Sage, low energy - sacred smudge - energy protection - smokeless smudge

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The ultimate Mind, Body, & Spirit Cleansing Oil!

Displacing low-vibration, negative energy and inviting clear, positive, and high-vibration energy is what this oil is all about.

Clear and transform your environment and your self by using this Smudge Spray whenever you need to shake-off yucky vibes.

Protecting & Transforming
This Smudge Spray is infused with Angel Aura crystals to reinforce and strengthen the naturally - high vibration of Sage and Palo Santo - enhancing it's properties over time. This means that this Smudge spray will only strengthen over time - not weaken.

This spray is designed to support you throughout the day, use it liberally to clear your mind, raise your energy vibration and cleanse your surroundings.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Your choice of either Sage or Palo Santo Smudge
Cobalt Blue Apothecary glass spray bottle
Available in 2 or 4 oz.

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