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About BalmLady

Our Apothecary

BalmLady was established in 2014 by our founder and owner, Monica Peralta. Our focus has always been on creating natural apothecary items which address pain, stress, feminine health, and skin care. We strive to use the purest ingredients in our formulations. Every product we create is CRUELTY FREE - always.

Natural Healing

Healing begins on the inside. Once you make a decision to heal and become well, the mind and body take over and the path to healing opens wide. In addition to our natural apothecary, we also offer distant-healing services such as Reiki and Shamanic Healing. If you would like more information about these services check our services section.

Live a Magical Life

We love to create ritual, anointing, and specialty magic oils, intention candles,  & bundles. We feel that it is every person's right to surround themselves with intentional tools & items that make them feel confidant & help them focus on manifesting the life they desire.